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About Our School

Tierra Linda Elementary School

Established: 1994
School Motto: Meeting the needs of the whole child in a nurturing environment
Principal: Fayanne Bakoo
Colors: Blue and Green
Mascot: Hawks
Current Enrollment: 525

Tierra Linda prides itself on providing its students a well-rounded educational experience where students feel safe while engaging in 21st century learning. Its caring staff helped Tierra Linda become a CHAMPS Demonstration school due to their positive behavior and supports. Another highlight of the campus is student participation in Amanda’s Corner, a program that provides students the opportunity to make new friends and learn appropriate strategies for playing cooperatively. This school culture has led to the city’s largest Junior Optimist Club, a student leadership organization for 4th and 5th grade students to strive to improve their school and community. Students at Tierra Linda are very active in the Makerspaces, creating and experiencing hands-on learning opportunities. Each classroom at Tierra Linda has the opportunity to participate in the Life Lab Gardens. Planter boxes are prepared by students with an emphasis on local crops, handson experiential learning, and environmental stewardship. Other student opportunities include: K-5 speech program, the Fitness Lab @ Recess, a parent-run art docent program, and CODE club.